Why You Should Consider Using A Chatbot On Your WordPress Website

When it comes to customer service, you may be concerned that chatbots could damage your reputation or reduce the quality of support you provide. However, chatbots can help you streamline and improve customer service by employing AI technology. Customers’ desire to communicate with brands via chatbots is on the rise, according to a number of recent surveys.

Customers are looking for the next amazing technology that will make their lives easier. They wish to communicate with businesses in a more efficient manner. They don’t want to make a phone call anymore to ask for assistance. Filling out a form and waiting for a phone call is not what they want to do either.

They demand rapid answers to their queries, and they want to be in charge of the interaction. That’s why chatbots have become the “convenient” solution for consumers.

In this article, we’ll explain what chatbots are, how they work, and how you may use them.

What is a Chatbot?

To put it simply, a chatbot is a software that responds to user queries with a set of predetermined responses. These systems are designed to mimic human behavior and engage in dialogue with website visitors.

However, a chatbot is very different from a live chat agent. But they are almost similar in terms of their purpose. Chatbots’s inquiries and responses are programmed rather than depending on a human being responding to each message.

There are many benefits to using chatbots, such as ensuring that customers don’t feel like they’ve been left behind or lost. To put it another way, think of a chatbot as a small guide that helps customers navigate your website’s content. Basically, chatbots are virtual assistants for your website.

Types of Chatbots

Simple Chatbot

Simple chatbots are those that can be designed to respond to pre-set keywords or commands. These bots can only communicate in a few ways. However, if someone types in keywords that don’t fit into any of the pre-programmed definitions of what a bot should recognize, the bot will not understand them.

Advanced Chatbot

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is used in advanced chatbots instead of simple bots. The ability to understand and answer with many recommendations without the need to enter pre-programmed keywords or phrases allows them to grasp and communicate at a basic level of language and communication.

Even though an AI chatbot isn’t a real person, your internet visitors will have the impression that they’re conversing with someone in your office when they use your AI chatbot.

Benefits of Using a Chatbot

WordPress chatbots aren’t necessarily a waste of time. As a rule of thumb, this function is put in place so that visitors’ questions can be directed to the appropriate team member’s live chat.Using chatbots to enhance or add value to marketing tactics is vital because of this. Aside from that, here are the other reasons why you should use a chatbot on your website.

Simplifying Communication

Everything a customer may possibly want to know about your business is available on your website. However, despite the fact that the information is easily available to the consumer, today’s busy customer does not want to spend their time searching for information or solutions.

In order to meet the needs of their customers, chatbots are designed to provide relevant information. This is their major responsibility, and they do a good job at it.

Straightforward and Natural

As they conduct business, chatbots maintain a smooth and structured flow in their discussion. Because they aren’t human, bots don’t have the same emotional baggage that humans do, therefore they’re better able to keep clients at ease.

There will be less of a negative impact on the environment if this is implemented correctly. Many of us have dealt with customer service representatives who appeared to be having an off day, or had an unfriendly tone to their voice. As a result, you’ll have an advantage over your competition when it comes to offering excellent customer service.

Cheap and Efficient

Chatbots can be more cost-effective than hiring a live chat agent, that is if you don’t develop your own software and equip it with AI technologies. You don’t have to pay a bot to use it. You just have to invest in tools, arrange the scripts, and then monitor how visitors respond over time to see how you can improve them.

You can also use chatbots to promote to visitors in a variety of ways. Additionally, you may use them to inform customers about sales and promotions, share landing page URLs, and more. The sales staff will also be on hand to answer common queries and direct visitors to important areas.

Fast Response

As a WordPress website owner, you know how important speed is. Response times to help requests are also affected by the same principles.

Visitors to your website’s chat service may not always be received by a human representative at the time they engage with the service. Visitor engagement is improved by using an automated chatbot intermediary to receive and assist customers.

Best Chatbots for WordPress

For WordPress chatbots, there are numerous alternatives to choose from. Three of the top WordPress chatbots are here for your consideration:


Hubspot’s free CRM and chatbot builder work together effortlessly. Your consumers will benefit from a more tailored experience thanks to the data you’ve previously amassed.

Using this WordPress chatbot plugin while your live chat reps are unavailable is a great way to provide assistance. All you need to get started is a Hubspot account. With this in mind, you’ll be able to easily incorporate chat into your website!


In addition to the simple and powerful chatbot builder, Chaport provides a live chat solution. The WYSIWYG scenario builder is one of its primary advantages, allowing you to construct chatbots in only a few minutes. Alternatively, you may use one of the provided templates to create a new story.

It is possible for Chaport’s bot to begin a discussion with a user, answer common consumer questions, request visitor information, and transfer chats to operators.


Chatfuel is a Facebook Messenger-based chatbot creator. With a few clicks and some inserted code, you can integrate your custom-built chatbot into WordPress.

Similar to other chatbot builders, Chatfuel lets you construct your bot’s conversational flow using a series of blocks. You have full discretion about what information or questions you wish to share or ask. You can also find pre-made templates on this website to help you get started right away.


Many WordPress site owners are concerned about whether or not adding a chatbot will be a viable replacement for live chat operators. Instead of replacing live chat and human-based help, you can employ chatbots in combination with them.

Your brand’s credibility and trust can be built through the use of chatbots. In many cases, this is a potential customer’s first encounter with your business, making it an ideal time to inform them about your products and the value they may derive from your products or services. As a result, customers will form a strong link with your brand when they interact with a bot.