What Does It Take To Set Up A WordPress Blog?

Whether you are looking to generate a six-figure sum and/or are really passionate about something – makeup, lifestyle, food, etc. – that you would love to share it with the world then take a leap of faith in your ability to do so by starting a blog.

There are endless perks of blogging, some of which you might be well aware of; work whenever and wherever you want, travel around the world with your work, learn and socialize unlimitedly, and so on. However, if you are feeling a bit puzzled about starting your own blog then rest assured there is no rocket science to it. Just follow these few simple steps, and you’re good to go!

Pick Out A Blogging Platform And Register Your Domain Name

First thing’s first, what will be your blog’s name and who will you register it to? Web-hosting service providers, such as Bluehost is where you can get your domain registered. Web hosting services provide you the necessary means to set up your blog, from availing a free trial to reaching out to the technicians for any clarification and easy registration process for your domain name. We recommend using WPEngine for their high customer satisfaction and speed.

Choose a Blogging Platform

If you have opted for Bluehost, it will automatically install WordPress that you will get to choose when signing up. Content Management System (CMS) such as WordPress is where you will be writing, designing and publishing your blog post. There are plenty of other CMS to opt for like Wix, Ghost, etc, but, by far, WordPress has been nominated as one of the most sustainable platforms.

Design and Modify Your Blog as per Your Own Discretion

Once you have got your blog hosting, domain name, and CMS done, feel free to do all the tweaks with the design you like. Premium Themes are a personality trait to your blog; it provides the dynamics that you would want your blog to have. Instead of coding one, it’s even better to purchase one. The reason being it saves you a bunch of valuable time and you get to own it. Moreover, do set up a free Google Analytics account to keep track of all activities on your blog post.

Select a Plugin

Plugins are a crucial part of one’s blog; they let you add all sorts of essentials features to your blog, for instance, email capture, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), site analytics, techniques to increase page load speed, and many more. Google Analytics for WordPress and Yoast SEO are the topmost opted plugin that takes about seconds to install and let you do your thing.

Start Writing Your Heart Out

Now that you have dealt with every technicality there is to set up a blog post you are free to write your heart out. Start by making your blog posts as engaging as possible by uploading valuable content on every page; About page, Contact page, FAQs page, Social talk page, Travel page, and so on. Just be sure that you keep on writing valuable content with consistency and link them to your previous blogs to enhance organic traffic. Yes! it’s this simple.

Happy Blogging!