Different WordPress Hosting Plans Explained

There is no denying that WordPress is the most popular platform for creating blogs and websites, therefore it is no surprise that there is a wide range of plans available. Because it is so simple to use, WordPress.com is a popular choice for new bloggers. However, this approach has some drawbacks that you should be aware of.

WordPress refers to the open-source blogging platform WordPress.org, not WordPress.com, which is a more expensive blog hosting option.  There are a plethora of WordPress hosting providers to select from, making it tough to find the best one for your needs.

To make it easier to understand, we have divided WordPress hosting options into the following categories:

For small websites and blogs, Shared Self-Hosted WordPress Plans are an excellent option. Larger websites however, can benefit from Managed WordPress Hosting while the highly priced fully hosted WordPress plans are not really recommended.

Every single one of these WordPress hosting packages may be broken down even further into several types. Why? Because WordPress hosting companies are competing to create unique subscriptions that showcase special features and offer varying degrees of service.

In this article, we will show you how to choose a WordPress hosting plan based on your needs and how to compare them.

Shared Self-Hosted WordPress Plans

Among newbies, shared self-hosted WordPress solutions are the most common pick. You can call them WordPress starter plans because they are a good value for the money, versatile, and simple to administer.

The low prices can be attributed to a single factor: you can share hosting resources with other small businesses or individuals with these options.

A more expensive WordPress plan is not necessary for the majority of new websites while they’re just getting started. You can get launched with shared hosting if you are simply starting a blog or a small company website. Using these strategies, you can even create an e-commerce website!

Self-hosted WordPress has two major disadvantages.

As a result of these plans being designed for new websites, you will have limited access to server resources. These plans help keep the cost of developing a website down so you can use those savings to expand your business. You can always upgrade your WordPress plan effortlessly, however, as soon as your website starts generating income.

It is possible to upgrade to VPS hosting or a managed WordPress plan with most shared hosting companies because they provide several resource levels of upgrade.

An additional drawback is the ongoing maintenance required for the website to function properly. In this role, you will be in charge of updating WordPress and creating backups, as well as other duties. There is nothing much to worry though, because even non-technical beginners can easily maintain their own websites with WordPress, which is why millions of people use it.

Managed WordPress Hosting

All technical parts of maintaining a WordPress website are taken care of by the host under a managed WordPress plan. Security, speed, updates, backups, and scalability are all taken care of by these WordPress experts.

Professional WordPress engineer assistance is included with these subscriptions. Your website maintenance will also be handled by a dedicated small team of developers.

The majority of new websites and businesses struggle because they do not generate any revenue right off the bat. So for others, the price of managed WordPress plans may be difficult to afford.

However, if you launched with a shared plan and now your website generates enough income and traffic, then switching to a managed WordPress plan is a brilliant move.

A clear disadvantage, on the other hand, is the cost. Using a managed WordPress hosting package is pricey. In general, a standard monthly subscription costs roughly $29 on average. On the other hand, it is still less expensive than employing a full-time web developer or administrator for your website.

The limitations and control associated with having a team of expert developers can also be a drawback. For website security reasons, managed WordPress hosting companies must have more control over what can be installed there.

For most WordPress site owners, this does not really pose a problem because having a managed WordPress hosting plan limits the options to just WordPress. Restrictions may also be placed on WordPress plugins with a bad reputation for slowing down the performance of websites.

Fully Hosted WordPress Plan

In order to develop specialized types of websites, this WordPress plan gives you access to a somewhat modified version of the WordPress platform.

Unfortunately, WordPress cannot be used in the same way as a self-hosted website. Depending on the plan you choose, you can only use a subset of the platform’s capabilities.

Fully-hosted WordPress plans may be a fantastic choice if you need a website quickly and do not care about making money from it.

You do not even need to acquire a domain name to get started for free. Personal blogs, family websites, travel photo albums, and other projects can benefit from this solution.

Just like with a managed WordPress hosting plan, you are limited to using the features included in your package and you cannot add any more features of your own.

Moreover, you will have fewer choices for generating revenue from your work. The alternatives for growing your company will be less flexible even if you pay for a business account.


WordPress began as a blogging platform but has now grown into a competent content management system. With all the various WordPress hosting plans available, it is important that you select the best and the most suitable WordPress plan for your website. That will be determined by your company’s objectives and your budget.

If you are just getting started, Bluehost is a great choice. You may get a free domain name and sophisticated WordPress hosting capabilities with their $2.75 monthly self-hosted WordPress plan.  An online store can be created with this plan as well as a small-business website.

WordPress managed hosting accounts are available from WP Engine and SiteGround as your website grows and evolves. This frees you up to concentrate on expanding your company while yet being able to scale effortlessly to meet your requirements.

If your business or website is already well-established, we recommend that you skip the beginner’s phase and go straight to managed WordPress hosting services.

WordPress.com, a fully hosted platform, is the most unrecommended choice because the customizations it offers are quite limited. So if you are thinking about how to design your site, look into self-hosted or managed WordPress plans instead.